Do I need to volunteer?

Volunteer happens for different reasons, some people do it as a way just give something back to the community or make something different from the people around them. Some they do it So that they can lean something from it and develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. So to decide whether [...]

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How do I get a South African volunteer visa?

To apply for an volunteer visa In South Africa. It is issued according to Section 22(b) of the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No. 13 of 2002) you must submit the following documentation at the nearest South African embassy, mission or consulate in your country of origin: A duly completed application Form BI-1738 A passport valid [...]

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What is the best place to volunteer in South Africa?

When you want to volunteer South Africa, you should think of Port Elizabeth; a land that is free from mosquitoes, a malaria free land,and there is plenty of activities click here to explore. For all your activities and welfare during your stay with us, we have specific outdoor and indoor coordinators to look after you. Please [...]

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Is volunteering in South Africa Safe?

Yes it is safe since South African government do whatsoever it can do to protects visitors. Most areas that tourists venture like Kwantu Private Game Reserve are safe and the likelihood of a tourist becoming a victim of violent crime in South Africa is low. Click here to book now.

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How to Choosing a Volunteer Placement?

When choosing volunteer placement you should you look at followings things; Does the organisation match your skills to the project? How will you be treated before and after the placement? Can the organisation tell you what you’ll be doing day-to-day? Does the organisation work with a local partner organisation? What are the environmental and ethical [...]

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What is Volunteer Expedition

Volunteer Expedition is a type of tourism or journey undertaken by a group of people or individuals who will voluntarily travel abroad to any tourism attraction destination , like Kwantu Game Reserve or to any destination; that is predominantly considered ‘undeveloped’ or ‘developing’ to offer their support to those in need. And when we use [...]

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