January Game Ranger student intake passes with flying colours once again!
Volunteer Expeditions is pleased to announce a 100% pass rate for the last intake of students which was sent to the Game Ranger project. Most of the students achieved in the high 90s, with one student even getting a 100% pass (well done Jessica!).

Additionally, Volunteer Expeditions has also arrange the FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) practical assessment for the students at no extra charge, which all of them have also passed.
The FGASA/ game ranger course is excellent for those interested in spending some time in Africa and making a difference to the wildlife and conservation, but to also achieve a certificate as well as wildlife and conservation knowledge, which can also make for an excellent career.

So for those of you who would also like to be part of the next “newly qualified game rangers”, log on to our program page and make a booking!