Big 5 wildlife and conservation volunteering

//Big 5 wildlife and conservation volunteering

Big 5 wildlife and conservation volunteering

The Big 5 wildlife and conservation program through the eyes of a volunteer…

I joined the Big 5 wildlife and conservation Program in December and was there until January. Our various attempts at conservation included repairing pot holes in the roads, cutting down alien vegetation, brush packing the ruts in the road to aid regrowth, training the elephants, making elephant beds, food etc, tracking lions… and much much more…

Although we started early at 7.30…and started immediately with heavy work, as the day went on it got easier, to finish with a game drive..or lion spotting ..After a few weeks we began to think of these animals as OURS… our ZULU… Our Thor and Bianca, the Rhino…. and of course… our Bangles… the youngest Tiger cub.

If you are interested in conservation I would recommend this program to get an insight into the workings of a game reserve… but be prepared to work!

I have been back now for a week and am already missing the roar of the lions at night and the monkeys scampering across the roof…

You will love it!

*Written by an ex volunteer and adapted for publishing

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