Lion Cubs Join Rehabilitation Centre

//Lion Cubs Join Rehabilitation Centre

Lion Cubs Join Rehabilitation Centre

The wildlife project welcomes two new orphaned lion cubs to the rehabilitation family

The wildlife project is the proud parents and protectors of new born white and tawny lion cubs. These cubs were not cared for by the mother due to certain complications which she faced after birth. Therefore, a difficult decision was made to remove the cubs for a short period of time, and to reunite them with their parents in the near future.

The wildlife project Predator Educational and Rehabilitation Centre has been successful over the years in rehabilitating animals as well as successfully releasing them into the wild where they are free to roam in their natural environment.

With the help of a specialised team of staff in the sanctuary, the wildlife project is confident that the cubs will be well looked after until they are of age to be rehabilitated and rewilded for ultimate release.

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