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Which volunteer program is best for you?

We get asked one main questions numerous times...and that is what program will be best suited for me to volunteer at? We normally always advise that this is such a tricky question to answer as there are so many great and wonderful programs out there...but each person would only know their own needs and preferences. [...]

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New lion cubs born on the wildlife project

The VE team, in conjunction with our wildlife partner project, is pleased to welcome the arrival of 2 new lion cubs. The lion cubs were born from the white lions in their rehabilitation centre, and are still with the parents and doing well. As the mother is still being quite protective of her young, we [...]

Volunteers Making A Positive Contribution…

The below has been received by one of our partner projects, and it is always good to share this so that the contribution which volunteer make can be measured and appreciated: Dear Volunteer Expeditions Team, Since the beginning of our partnership, we are delighted to say that the volunteers have been a remarkable help to [...]

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Over 20 000 Meals To Those In Need

Some years ago, Volunteer Expeditions, in conjunction with volunteers as well as our wildlife partner project, has engaged in a school feeding scheme with the local community where certain volunteer funds are allocated for this, and the wildlife volunteer project facilitates this scheme with the volunteers. Once a week, the chefs at the project cook [...]

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Game Ranger Students All Pass

January Game Ranger student intake passes with flying colours once again! Volunteer Expeditions is pleased to announce a 100% pass rate for the last intake of students which was sent to the Game Ranger project. Most of the students achieved in the high 90s, with one student even getting a 100% pass (well done Jessica!). [...]

Big 5 African Adventure

For all of you that have not been to South Africa before…and for those of you that have been but not done some wildlife volunteering, you don’t know what you are missing out on! From the time that I seen this tour advertised on Adventure Expeditions, I know that it would be an amazing experience. [...]

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5 Star Student Accommodation

In wildlife project's continuous attempt for providing all of our customers with the best, the project's student accommodation has been officially graded as 5 star by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA). Kwantu is now part of a handful of 5 star accommodation providers (in the youth category), and the only one of its [...]

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Hands on Community Work

Today would be the first day out of my home country… and all on my own! I decided to make a difference to underprivileged communities…and boy, did I! My first day getting into South Africa was a total pleasure. I thought that I would be stranded at the airport all on my own, but before [...]

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Lion Cubs Join Rehabilitation Centre

The wildlife project welcomes two new orphaned lion cubs to the rehabilitation family The wildlife project is the proud parents and protectors of new born white and tawny lion cubs. These cubs were not cared for by the mother due to certain complications which she faced after birth. Therefore, a difficult decision was made to remove [...]

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Big 5 wildlife and conservation volunteering

The Big 5 wildlife and conservation program through the eyes of a volunteer... I joined the Big 5 wildlife and conservation Program in December and was there until January. Our various attempts at conservation included repairing pot holes in the roads, cutting down alien vegetation, brush packing the ruts in the road to aid regrowth, training the elephants, [...]

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