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Over 20 000 Meals To Those In Need

April 1st, 2014|Volunteer News|

Some years ago, Volunteer Expeditions, in conjunction with volunteers as well as our wildlife partner project, has engaged in a school feeding scheme with the local community where certain volunteer funds are allocated for this, [...]

Game Ranger Students All Pass

April 1st, 2014|Volunteer News|

January Game Ranger student intake passes with flying colours once again! Volunteer Expeditions is pleased to announce a 100% pass rate for the last intake of students which was sent to the Game Ranger project. [...]

Lion Cubs Join Rehabilitation Centre

January 30th, 2014|Volunteer News|

The wildlife project welcomes two new orphaned lion cubs to the rehabilitation family The wildlife project is the proud parents and protectors of new born white and tawny lion cubs. These cubs were not cared for [...]

Big 5 wildlife and conservation volunteering

January 29th, 2014|Volunteer News|

The Big 5 wildlife and conservation program through the eyes of a volunteer... I joined the Big 5 wildlife and conservation Program in December and was there until January. Our various attempts at conservation included repairing pot holes [...]