Volunteers Making A Positive Contribution…

//Volunteers Making A Positive Contribution…

Volunteers Making A Positive Contribution…

The below has been received by one of our partner projects, and it is always good to share this so that the contribution which volunteer make can be measured and appreciated:

Dear Volunteer Expeditions Team,

Since the beginning of our partnership, we are delighted to say that the volunteers have been a remarkable help to the wildlife and conservation efforts on the reserve. Their enthusiasm is infectious and their intentions and objectives are always clear, “for the betterment of the environment and the wildlife that live within the environment”.

Various achievements which have been completed over the last few months, include but are not limited to:

  • Game capture and relocation
  • Lion monitoring and behaviour tracking
  • Anti poaching efforts
  • Fence patrols
  • Rearing of orphaned lion cubs
  • Assisting with controlled fires to renew the vegetation growth
  • And many more

So once again, our thanks for the volunteers’ assistance.

We would appreciate it if you can please also pass on our thanks to the past participants.


The Wildlife and Conservation Team

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